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Email Reveals Bogus Revenues

Many people may remember back in April and May when I wrote several posts that were highly critical of then Mayor O’Brien’s proposed budget. In one of my posts I outlined a number of revenue projects that I felt were beyond belief, no matter how optimistic you wished to be about our city and our economy. This week I am alarmed, but not surprised, that Acting Finance Director, Becky Salerni, had the exact same concerns and raised them to O’Brien in April of this year. Those concerns were completely ignored.

In an email dated April 5, 2013, Salerni called out Mayor O’Brien on a number of bogus revenue projections that she felt were unrealistic. This was not a short list, you can download the scan of the original email here (or an easier to read version of the document here). There were over 20 items that were questioned in this email, many of them the same exact issues I pointed out back in May. These projections, such as single handedly increasing the Rock Cat’s rent, doubling parking revenues, conveyance tax projections, and many others, total over $30 million in over-inflated revenues. That means that Mayor O’Brien’s budget, which he repeatedly called “balanced” is anything but. » Read more..