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Email Reveals Bogus Revenues

Many people may remember back in April and May when I wrote several posts that were highly critical of then Mayor O’Brien’s proposed budget. In one of my posts I outlined a number of revenue projects that I felt were beyond belief, no matter how optimistic you wished to be about our city and our economy. This week I am alarmed, but not surprised, that Acting Finance Director, Becky Salerni, had the exact same concerns and raised them to O’Brien in April of this year. Those concerns were completely ignored.

In an email dated April 5, 2013, Salerni called out Mayor O’Brien on a number of bogus revenue projections that she felt were unrealistic. This was not a short list, you can download the scan of the original email here (or an easier to read version of the document here). There were over 20 items that were questioned in this email, many of them the same exact issues I pointed out back in May. These projections, such as single handedly increasing the Rock Cat’s rent, doubling parking revenues, conveyance tax projections, and many others, total over $30 million in over-inflated revenues. That means that Mayor O’Brien’s budget, which he repeatedly called “balanced” is anything but. » Read more..

Deflections, Not Answers

In a recent Courant article we once again questioned the Mayor’s proposed budget, specifically his revenue projections. We asked the Mayor to justify his unreasonable increases in almost every revenue line within the budget. In response the Mayor has not offered up a single word of defense. The latest statement from his office is to simply say our criticism is “politically motivated”. These are merely deflections, not answers.

Is that really the only response he can provide? It is an age old tactic in politics, so we shouldn’t be surprised. When you can’t defend your position against the claims your critics are making you attack your critics instead of their arguments. The problem is the public slowly tires of this vilification. The general public today is too smart to fall for such petty tricks.

So we will continue to ask the Mayor these questions, every day, every week, until he actually provides answers. As more and more details of his budget make it into the public eye he will find that simply labeling his critics won’t work anymore. You can help. Spread the information about the Mayor’s budget, help your neighbors understand the risky game the this administration is playing with their future.

Surplus Masks Failed Revenues

Recently the New Britain Common Council transferred over $6 million from the city’s self insurance fund to cover a litany of differing expenses. The resolution is interesting for a number of reasons. It not only reveals some financial mismanagement of the city, but it also is steeped in a political agenda as much of the money goes to pay off failed revenue sources in the Mayor’s last budget. You can download a copy of the budget transfer resolution here if you’d like to follow along at home.

» Read more..

The Mayor’s Budget Revealed!

Mayor O’Brien has unveiled his budget for fiscal year 2014 and at a first glance there are several areas of concern. One of the first areas of concern was the fact that his office could even manage to put a readable copy of the budget up on the city website. The version published by the Mayor’s office did not appear to be proofed, because in order to actually read it you would have to print the entire document out and line up the first pages with the last pages.

Fortunately the CPOA has you covered and you can download a clean copy here and actually read each line. » Read more..