CPOA Leadership

The leadership of the CPOA is made up of the Executive Board which consists of the Board of Directors and four presiding officers.

Officers of the CPOA

The officer positions outlined in the CPOA by-laws consist of; president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. All officers are elected by the membership at large at the annual meeting of the CPOA and serve for a term of one year.


Nicholas Mercier has resided in New Britain with his wife Kati for the past six years. He has previously served as Chairman of the New Britain Board of Finance and Taxation where he helped oversee two separate budget proposals. He has been a vocal advocate for increased transparency and oversight of both the municipal and Board of Education budgets. He was elected President of the CPOA in April of 2012.


Henry Zembko III has lived in New Britain his entire life. He was previously a member of the CPOA Board and has also served on the Zoning Board of Appeals for the City of New Britain. As a small business owner and a property owner in the city of New Britain he understands the concerns and challenges that everyday homeowners face.


Anthony Kane has been a long time resident of New Britain. In addition to his work with the CPOA, Tony is currently a member of New Britain’s Board of Education.


Frank Smith has recently joined the Executive Board of the CPOA and will now serve as a treasurer.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of elected members from the general membership who are looking to help serve in a leadership capacity. Board members are elected by the membership at large at the annual CPOA meeting and serve for a term of one year.

The Board of Directors
  • Rene Candelori
  • Tony DePietro
  • Helene Groman
  • Henry Kita
  • Gerald Levesque
  • Ann Mikulak
  • Gary Robinson
  • Jim Sanders Jr.
  • Frank Smith
  • Elda Spaczynski

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