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Budget Surplus, Pure Hogwash

Last night the Mayor spun a lie so large my jaw dropped to the floor. He claimed that New Britain ended the 2012-2013 fiscal year with a $2.4 million surplus. A surplus? Apparently the Mayor is hoping voters have extremely short memories, because this is the same administration who has been crying “deficit!” since they took office.

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Join Online Today!

In an attempt to move forward as an organization, the CPOA is proud to now offer online membership registration. Membership is open to any and all who own real estate property within the city of New Britain. If you have never been a member before I urge you to sign up today, and if you have been a member who has been putting off renewing your membership it is now easier than ever.

Just visit our membership page and join today.

Why join the CPOA?

Many people wonder why should they join the CPOA. They wonder what the CPOA can do for them. While it is certainly impressive that the CPOA is arguably the oldest tax payer advocacy group in the State, if not the country, that isn’t really a reason to join. So what value does the CPOA bring to your average property owner? » Read more..

The Water Department Dilemma

As rumors continue to mount about the possible sale of the city’s water department please be assured that the CPOA will be keeping an eye on any developments. If you have any knowledge regarding this potential sale, please contact us. As we gather information we will make sure to keep the public informed.

Ordinance Revised, Still Terrible

The city, with the assistance of Attorney Edward Marcus, has rewritten their poorly drafted Residential Rental Property License ordinance. While I thank Mr. Skully greatly for helping draft an ordinance that, at the very least, does not contain heinous grammatical errors, it still contains many terrible  ideas that warrant scrutiny. So here is a brief rundown of some of the most notable changes. (Edit: Actually – it isn’t that brief. You might want a cup of coffee.) » Read more..

Property Owner’s Rally at City Hall

This Wednesday, November 14th, concerned property owners, landlords, and tenants all plan on attending the public participation session of the Common Council, which will begin at 7:00PM. The CPOA is urging all property owners to attend and speak out against the recently passed ordinances that will devastate New Britain.

Property owners should be particularly concerned about the potential these ordinances have to lower your property values. We have already heard from the Mayor that our property values are on the decline, and if this trend continues all of the equity you have build into your property will erode into nothing. If you can attend please sign up at this event on Facebook and come out ready to speak out and show your support for a bright prosperous future for New Britain.


Special meeting of the Common Council spells disaster

After narrowly getting the harmful Residential Rental Property Licensing ordinance out of the Planning, Zoning and Housing Sub-Committee the Common Council is now determined to pass it as law before the end of the week. With less than two weeks of public knowledge and debate this administration is prepared to pass an ordinance that would invite legal action and damage relations with the investors who want to improve our city.

This is appalling.

To make matters worse, this matter is being “discussed” by the Common Council in a special session. That means the public is being given no voice to address this matter before the full body of the Common Council.

Property owners take notice. As Alderman Carlo Carlozzi said last night at the Planning, Zoning and Housing subcommittee meeting, this ordinance will result in nothing but less revenue for the city and further depressed property values. It will hurt every home owner, tenant, and investor within the city limits and this damage will not be undone for many years.

We are on the brink, with an administration so desperate for funds that they will sacrifice the long term vitality of our city for short term political and personal goals. Several Aldermen after the meeting last night said they had tried to propose cuts to the budget in caucus, but those propositions were all subsequently shot down.

Call your aldermen today! Let them know that this is not the way. Urge them to stand for a balanced approach of budget cuts and, if necessary, an across the board mill increase that does not seek to drive a wedge between this city and investors. We can work together to resolve this city’s fiscal crisis before it is too late.

EDIT: The special session will be Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 8PM in City Hall.