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In an attempt to move forward as an organization, the CPOA is proud to now offer online membership registration. Membership is open to any and all who own real estate property within the city of New Britain. If you have never been a member before I urge you to sign up today, and if you have been a member who has been putting off renewing your membership it is now easier than ever.

Just visit our membership page and join today.

Why join the CPOA?

Many people wonder why should they join the CPOA. They wonder what the CPOA can do for them. While it is certainly impressive that the CPOA is arguably the oldest tax payer advocacy group in the State, if not the country, that isn’t really a reason to join. So what value does the CPOA bring to your average property owner?

Saving you time

Most home owners don’t have large amounts of free time. Between work, family, and maintaining your home there isn’t a great deal of time left. Even if you do have a few minutes a day or a few hours a week most people don’t want to spend it reviewing city policy decisions, bonding proposals, municipal budgets, education budgets, sale of property agreements, or other long tedious legal documents.

The CPOA has a group of dedicated leaders who closely monitor the actions of the Common Council, City Hall, and the Board of Education for policies and decisions that may affect home owners. We then condense those policies down to terms everyone can understand and bring those issues to our member’s attention through email, mailings, and phone calls.

Being your voice

When issues of importance arise in the community we serve as a voice for our members. We listen to the concerns of our membership and bring them to the attention of elected officials. We hold current elected officials accountable to their actions and their votes as well as reviewing candidates for municipal elections based on their policies and their history.

When we speak as the CPOA we speak with the full voice of our membership behind us, giving us a louder voice in the process than any one of us may have on our own. When you join you are saying that you want your voice counted among ours, that you lend us your own voice when it comes to issues of government spending and accountability.

Serving our members and our community

The CPOA is always looking for new ways to serve our membership and our community as a whole. In the coming year we will be looking for ways to give our membership and even greater value by reaching out and partner with locally owned and operated business to make New Britain a stronger community.

So Join Today!

With all those reasons to join the answer is obvious. Joining the CPOA for just $10 per year is the right decision for any property owner. Join us today and let your voice be heard, loud and clear.

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