Elections Bring Sweeping Changes

This past election was rather impressive. Former Mayor O’Brien was defeated by a sound margin as Erin Stewart became the 40th Mayor of New Britain with an over 1000 vote lead. In other races the Republican Slate won 5 seats on the Common Council and there is still a legal battle taking place over two of the final seats.

Several of the Aldermen who attended the CPOA Debate were elected, or re-elected, including Aldermen Trueworthy, Pabon, DeFronzo, Naples and Salerno. Alderman Carlozzi currently holds one of the contested seats under legal question. Aldermen candidates Baron, Polkowski, and Cannatta were not successful in their bid for election, but ran very impressive campaigns regardless.

We want to take this time, which should have been done far earlier, to thank the 9 candidates and over 40 voters who turned out for our first ever debate. We look forward to providing more opportunities for the public to be involved with the CPOA in the future.

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