The Days Ahead

The Mayor of New Britain has announced a hiring freeze as she tries to get a handle on the city finances. She said that this was needed to control the “fiscal bleeding” and said the freeze is essential “to ensure our government is functional and that we can pay people to work for this city.” In an article in the Hartford Courant she went further stating, “It is clear that the city’s finances are in rough shape, due in large part to the excess spending and inflated revenue projections in the current budget. Until we learn the full and exact magnitude of our fiscal situation, the only responsible thing to do is to stop the bleeding.”

Over the next few days the CPOA will be issuing a statement on the current fiscal state of the City of New Britain, as well as reiterating our views on the current year’s budget. As the city moves forward and the Mayor is called upon to make harsh decisions it is important that taxpayers stand up for what is truly important. We need to know that we are getting the best value on our tax dollar possible.

It isn’t enough to state the taxes need to be low. Taxes certainly should be as low as possible. But beyond that, the city must provide the services it does provide in the most cost effective manner possible. Tax payers would rather see $2.00 spent wisely and effectively than $1.00 wasted and spend frivolously. Let us know the true cost of government so we can have an honest discussion about what services we need and what we can do without.

Mayor Stewart has a very hard job ahead of her if the budget at all matches my predictions. However, if she maintains her campaign promise to operate openly, honestly and puts the facts on the table without any magic numbers or chicanery it will be a breath of fresh air. This will be a first test of her resolve and her integrity and I sincerely hope for the future of the city that she passes with flying colors.


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