CTPOA Rally at the Whinstone

Tonight the Connecticut Property Owners Alliances (CTPOA) will be hosting a meeting of rental property owners at the Whinstone Tavern at 7:00PM. They plan on discussing the damaging policies of the current administration and the wide reaching effects it will have both on rental property owners and renters alike.

If you own a rental property or have been concerned about the housing policies implemented under the current administration, then you may wish to attend.

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  1. as a property owner of a 12-unit—-oops the Building Dept still gives me a hard time and wants to get me arrested after I got the ZBA 6 years ago approved! to allow/by permit 18 Farmington Avenue as a 12-unit! passed- Thye won’t be reasonabel and let me get the permit.
    this city administration as well as this Building Dept people who are trying to run it? need an attitude adjustment. How do I join and become a member of CPOA? THANKS

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