Budget Surplus, Pure Hogwash

Last night the Mayor spun a lie so large my jaw dropped to the floor. He claimed that New Britain ended the 2012-2013 fiscal year with a $2.4 million surplus. A surplus? Apparently the Mayor is hoping voters have extremely short memories, because this is the same administration who has been crying “deficit!” since they took office.

At first I wasn’t sure how the Mayor was going to back up his claims, but then I remembered something that happened back in April. You can read about it here, but the general theme was this: the Mayor knew he had major budget shortfalls, one glaring one was the $3.9M dollar revenue expected from “Non-Owner Occupied Garbage Collection” fees.

The resolution detailing the transfer of fundings making this year's fictional surplus possible.

The resolution detailing the transfer of fundings making this year’s fictional surplus possible.

So at the Mayor’s request the Council transferred $6.6 million from the city’s self insurance fund into the general fund for 2012-2013. The full copy of the resolution is available here if you’d like to read it. That put $6.6 million of a previous surplus, that was supposed to be repairing our ravaged self insurance fund, into this past year’s general budget.

Now, at the end of the year, there is $2.4 million of that $6.6 million left and the Mayor wants us to throw him a party. This is like if took $20 from my kid’s piggy bank, spent half of it, and then called the remaining $10 his allowance and put it back and expected him to be happy.

This latest deception, on top of the Mayor’s past behaviors, show how little regard he has for the actual fiscal health of this city and how much he cares only about one thing. The timing of this announcement with an election looming just goes to show that all Tim O’Brien cares about is winning re-election. And unless we help spread the word it may happen. So send this to all your friends, all your neighbors, and everyone you know. Don’t let these lies go unchallenged.

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